We founded Career Savvy because we were quite simply fed up with the lack of tools for employees to develop their careers.  We thought, nobody is going to manage your career better than you — so why not enable the employee to be as successful as possible!

Your career shouldn’t be something you think about once a year or only when you lose your job.  Your career should be one of the most important investments you make.  Jack Welch is widely regarded as one of the greatest CEO’s of all time.  He was known for his rigorous rating systems, and famously quipped — change before you have it.  It’s up to you to manage your career, and Career Savvy has the tools you need to be successful.

You’ll find Career Savvy is an innovative program that will change the way you look at your career.  Packed within the program you’ll find planning pages, and the steps that you need to take in order to climb to the top.  Each person is different, each career is different, and that is why Career Savvy can be adapted in a versatile way to fit each different scenario.

In addition to having great insights, you’ll also find blogs and thoughts from Dan, Jason, and others within the organizational development field.  For those that really want to go the extra mile in self-development, we’d encourage you to check out the Career Savvy Technology center.  For a small monthly fee, you can gain access to helpful videos, expanded toolsets, and other exciting digital content to companion your program.  You’ll also receive exclusive access to program updates, and new tools as they become available at no extra charge.

We’re proud of this program, and we’re proud that we can walk with you on your career development path.  We look forward to the exciting times ahead, and cherish the career development relationship we’re about to embark on together.

Remember what we always say: only you can navigate to the top.